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Kathi Rolls is an Indian Street food experience with a healthy twist that is located in Orlando on 4205 Curry Ford Rd. From Rolls to Bowls, we want to give you the ability to customize your meal without sacrificing flavor.

Our chef has travelled throughout India and trained around the world and has brought his love for food to Orlando. Our fast-casual eatery features flavors from different parts of India and gives our guests the ability to taste their way through a country that is bursting with flavor and diversity.

Stop in and discover a Fresh Take on Indian Food!.

We Proudly Serve
Authentic, Delicious and Modern Indian Street Food

Kathi Rolls is one of the first fast-casual restaurants of its kind in the Orlando area. It's modern Indian cooking style draws inspiration from around the globe while focusing on authentic taste of Indian street food. Kathi Rolls delivers a modern take on authentic Indian cuisine & aesthetics through its wholesome yet simple fresh menu options.

Kathi Rolls
$7.99 - $10.99

A spicy mixture of meats and vegetables marinated in a proprietary blend of hand-ground spices, delicately wrapped in tender and layered parathas, the kathi roll is among the heartiest and most satisfying of Kolkata street foods.

Naan Pizza
$8.99 - $10.99

Crispy naan bread topped with fresh ingredients like vegetables, meats and cheese and baked to perfection. Try this Indian twist on a classic.

Basmati Bowls
$9.99 - $11.99

Customize your bowl by starting with either white or brown rice. Then choose your protein from options like chicken, lamb, paneer (cheese) or vegetables! Finally, top it all off with one of our signature sauces based on your preferred spice level and flavor profile.

Desi Burgers
$6.99 - $10.99

Our burgers are ground in house with species and fresh herbs and made to order. They are placed in between two warm buns and topped with house made tandoori mayo and onion relish. Try our lamb or chicken burger today! We also have veggie burgers made with fresh vegetables and this can also be a Vegan based on the toppings selected.

$4.99 - $6.99

A creamy and refreshing yogurt(Dahi)-based drink, blended with water and various fruits. Stop by and try our popular Mango Lassi today!


A very popular street food item! Samosas are a buttery and flaky fried turnover filled with savoury meats or vegetables and spices.

Natural ingredients and tasty food

Bringing the flavours from the streets of Kolkata to Orlando!

About Us

Behold, The Kathi Roll

Kathi Rolls Come Hot And Ready-To-Eat On The Go, Full Of Well Seasoned Meats or Vegetables, Fresh Herbs and Hand-Ground Savoury Spices And Wrapped In A Delicate, Buttery and Layered Paratha.


What Is It?

1. The kati roll was invented in the first half of the 20th century in the city of Kolkata, India.

2. A spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread

3. The latest food-craze to hit Orlando, Fl



For Some History

The Kathi Roll's origins can actually be traced back to a single restaurant, known as Nizam’s. At the time of the kati roll’s conception, Kolkata was the capital of the British Empire. The story goes that British patrons did not want to eat kebabs with their hands, so someone at Nizam’s decided to roll the meat up in a paratha–a crispy, buttery unleavened flatbread–and then serve it in a paper wrapper.

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Our food update

What's new at Kathi Rolls.

Admin 01/01/2020
Chatka Fries

East meets the West with this one! Stop by and try our Chef's specail Chatka Fries!

Admin 01/01/2020
Lychee Lassi

You already love our Mango Lassi, stop by today to try our latest edition to the Lassi family.

Admin 22/09/2018
Chicken or Lamb Kebab Dog

Chicken Kebab or Lamb Kebab, seasoned with the Chef's unique blend of spices served on a warm toasted bun

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